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5 reasons why to avoid free web hosting

5 reasons why to avoid free web hosting

Free hosting is regarded as bad practice for a professional and legitimate business website. Learn why you should avoid free web hosting and how to a find a better alternative.

A website is a great way to communicate your business to the world. People either have one or want one. Though to start a website, you need a domain and hosting. If you’re starting a new website and you’re on a tight budget, then free web hosting must be the better option, right? Wrong. It’s important to remember, nothing is truly free. If you’re building a professional and legitimate website, then you should read these 5 reasons why you should avoid free web hosting.

#1 Trust Issues
Many free web hosting services could potentially insert malware into your website or share your personal information with others.
Free hosting providers don’t invest much on security issues, so there’s no safety guarantee. With a growing number of hackers, severs could be hacked severely – affecting your business.

#2 Poor Performance
Free web hosting is often unreliable, lacks efficiency and is unprofessional for a business website. Slow page load speeds and potential downtime could be damaging for the business, as it will drive away your customers, so beware!

#3 Lack of Support
Free web hosting generally lacks technical support or it may not even offer customer support at all. So, if you have a technical problem, you’re basically on your own.

#4 That Annoying Spam
Most free web hosting companies make money by injecting your website with paid ads. Unfortunately, you have no control over what ads are placed on your site, which could make your website look like spam, and may hurt your rankings on search engines.
#5 Lack of Control

Without their member’s consent, free web hosts have been known to delete or shut down their users’ website. This can be frustrating if you have spent a lot of time building and customising your own website.

A better alternative to free web hosting

A serious business owner should avoid using a free web hosting service. Paid hosting is a beneficial option for revenue, security and scalability. If you’re on a tight budget, then perhaps shared hosting could be the better option for you. Shared hosting plans guarantee security and reliability at an affordable price.

At bytehouse, we provide business grade premium shared hosting, so if you would like more information on our shared hosting plans, we’ve got you covered. To learn more about our shared hosting server plans, feel free to call us on 0844 833 0333, we’d be happy to help.


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