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Advanced Web Hosting

At ByteHouse, we provide ultra-secure advanced hosting that we will design, install, host and manage the advanced business hosting networks for projects that will require more than just a single server or VPS solution which are termed Advanced Hosting solutions.

We will provide you with advanced custom hosting solutions for projects that expect very large volumes of internet traffic, have heavy database processing requirements that need 100% uptime, with Giga Bit connectivity and no single point failure (SPF) in the entire network as well as projects that require multiple, combined web hosting solutions that incorporate combinations of application and web hosting servers.

Single points of failures do exist within dedicated servers, VPS and shared hosting, when in case a motherboard were to fail in a dedicated server, or the server that is running your VPS systems even though they are mitigated with our Cloud VPS that runs off of SAN storage, services will become unavailable. Maintenance and updates will be required on hardware or software which includes things like Microsoft security patches that could bring your services down for a short period of time.

Here at ByteHouse, we have taken many measures to minimise these disruptions that could occur in the event of a hardware failure or outage. This may result in client’s services becoming unavailable for short periods of up to an hour prior to resumption of services.

Using correctly configured hardware and software that single point of failure within a client’s hosted environment would be removed and putting in place a high performance/ high throughput Load Balancer devices to monitor and distribute traffic to specific servers and implementing clustered web/ application/ database servers will eliminate these SPFs. This will in turn save your business from losing that hour, which could possibly cause a significant loss of revenue and that is why investing in a Custom Web Hosting solution should be considered.

Maintaining your hardware or critical software updates can be applied systematically which will avoid short term outages and provide you with 100% uptime, when using at least two hardware devices for every service. This will eliminate single point of failure and remove it completely.

If you would rather a simpler solution due to finding this redundant, than why not consider our UK based VPS Hosting, dedicated server solutions or premium shared hosting solutions.

If you are concerned about the cost of a hosting problem taking you offline, then contact us and let us show you how our hosting system design would grow with your needs. To find out more about our advanced hosting solutions, please contact us at +44 (0) 844 833 0333 and we will provide you with a free Advanced Web Hosting consultation.



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