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Application Uses Of VDS Hosting

The use and choice of VDS hosted or Virtual Dedicated Server solutions are plenty! You can almost host anything you wish. Below we’ve outlined some of the more popular Application uses for VDS solutions.Run single or multiple websites on your Virtual Dedicated Server

You will be able to run as multiple websites as you wish to on your Virtual Private Server limited only by the resources available to your hosting plan, which can be upgraded as you grow.

Become your very own hosting provider

With a comprehensive Plesk or CPanel control panel you could start your own web hosting company. Using a Virtual Private Server you have the freedom and ability to install the software packages of your choice!

Create your own Primary or Secondary Mail or DNS Servers

Would you like your very on DNS or Mail server? Or do you already have a reseller plan or full dedicated server elsewhere, but would like the reassurance to know that if that goes down for any period of time, there is a backup DNS or MX server elsewhere thus making your infrastructure more resilient. This would mean that your domains will continue to resolve and mail won’t bounce. You can install DNS and Mail services into your VPS, including Bind, Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail, Merak and more.

Setup your own Personal Game Servers

Would you like you own personal game server? Well you can install games software into your VDS. Our Plesk control panels now have server support for games software such as Battlefield 1942, Counter Strike and many more.

Virtual Dedicated Server Platforms

A Virtual Private Server performs and functions just like a dedicated server; having its own users, applications and processes, and may be rebooted independently. It also has its own root/ administrator access, users, IP addresses, memory, processes files, applications, system libraries and configuration files.

Find out more about the possible application uses of Virtual Dedicated Servers

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