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Cloud Hosting: New Trends in 2016

cloud hosting

With the new year of 2016 firmly underway, it begs the question what new trends for Cloud Hosting that technology will bring with it. The new trends that will appear this year could potentially transform the way entrepreneurs conduct their business online. Let us take a look at some of those trends.

Hybrid Clouds and Cloud-Native Applications for Cloud Hosting

Usage of hybrid clouds was on the rise in the last year of 2015. Hybrid cloud creates a link between on site, private and public clouds. Moving the data between them allows your business to have more flexibility and options for deployment of your data and workloads. Cloud-native applications are seeing their rise in use too over the previous years, and can create business agility in the market. They are installed within the cloud based virtual machine, and are different then regular apps. They differ in scalability which is achieved at a high speed rate, elastic infrastructure, and are autonomic and can detect and work around its own issues.

Platform as a Service and Brokering Cloud Services

Platform as a service is a platform that offers its users the tools necessary for creating and developing web applications. With the absence of hardware, since the platform it is delivered over the internet, developers can focus on the development itself entirely. Up until now the adoption of this platform has been slow, but with onsite PAAS offerings from open source cloud platforms such as Cloud Foundry and OpenShift, things might change. Another market on the rise is brokering cloud services, by acting as a middleman between cloud providers and businesses using the services. By offering services and consulting, brokers work on developing a strong bond and relationship between the two.

These are just a few new trends in Cloud Hosting that could change the industry for the better. For any additional questions you can contact our team at



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