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Microsoft Outlook: Five Best Alternatives

microsoft outlook

Are you on the lookout for the best Alternatives for Microsoft Outlook? If you are that mean you are ready to part ways with Outlook and try something different you can use while conducting your work either at home or at work. Here is the list of five best Alternatives for Microsoft Outlook that can help you find just what you need.

Inky Email Managing Service for Microsoft Outlook

When Inky first started it was on shaky legs, but today it has come back strong. With new features, bug issues fixed and a new design, it has become more user-friendly and more integrated email managing service available. With the user interface being more like Gmail then Outlook you will find most of the feature already familiar. By linking you POP or EMAP accounts you can manage all of your content over a unified inbox.

Mozilla Thunderbird Alternative

Mozilla Thunderbird is quite possibly the most stable alternative to Outlook. It is rich with extension and provides you with good security measures, which makes it useful business users and users that have concerns about their data being secure. It is highly advanced and possesses a lot of useful features, some which are not even supported by Outlook itself. Multiple add ons and themes make it fully customisable and ready to meet any needs you have.

Mailbird Interface

Mailbird comes with a well designed, customisable interface that is easy to configure and use. It is well known for its speed, but also for its integration with popular apps such as Google Docs, Google Calendar, WhatsApp, Everton, Dropbox etc. Along with the support for use of a touch screen, it comes with 17 different languages available to you.

EM Client Email App

EM Client is equipped with all the essential features one needs in a quality email app. Its good design allows you to customise is it either by changing and shifting window panes or simply by downloading themes. It comes with the support for email clients such as Gmail, Exchange or iCloud.

Windows Mail

The Windows Mail App although not rich in features like some other apps is still a good alternative to Outlook. If your needs are simple this could be the best solution for you. It is optimised for mobile devices such as tablets and has the support for Office 365, iCloud , Exchange and many more.

If the time has come to make a change and switch to a new, simpler, more optimised and feature supportive email apps, these are some of the Alternatives for Microsoft Outlook.  For further information regarding Microsoft Outlook, please contact our sales representatives at


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