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Parallels Virtuozzo

Windows & Linux Server Virtualization

Service providers are using Virtuozzo to create many new and differentiated services for customers. With Virtuozzo, it is possible to provide many levels of premium services that bridge the gap between traditional shared and dedicated server plans and even provide unique advantages over a dedicated server. Virtuozzo can help service providers attain a competitive advantage, and with the tools and capabilities in Virtuozzo, potentially reduce costs by lowering administration and management overhead.

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General Virtualized Service Description

What are VPS Hosting services? Parallels’s Virtuozzo virtualization software is used to partition a single physical server into many isolated virtual environments, creating the virtual hosting service. Each virtual environment is completely isolated and behaves exactly like a real networked server, complete with its own set of init scripts, users, processes, filesystems, etc. Each virtual environment can have different applications and the root user is in full control, just like a dedicated server.


Virtualized services have many benefits over a dedicated server:

  • Cost: All of the functionality of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost
  • Reliability: Bundled incremental backups ensure your data remains safe
  • Manageability: Tools help you add applications, change and upgrade your service instantly
  • Burstability: Get the available resources you need when you need them
  • Flexibility: Instantly increase your service plan to provide for more resources as you grow, easily move to a new more powerful server

Virtualized services have many benefits over shared hosting:

  • Control: With administrative or root access, you can modify server configuration files, install applications or modify system software
  • Security: Your file system is not accessible or viewable by any other customer, your files are ensured full privacy and security
  • Isolation: You are fully isolated from other users and actions on the server. No other customer can slow down or affect your service
  • Performance: Your resources may be guaranteed based on your plan, nothing else on the server will affect the performance of your VPS


Sample 1:

TrueVPS solutions provide isolation and functionality of a dedicated server with the low price and manageability of a shared hosting account. All VPS plans include full administrator access, and a powerful remote management interface. This allows you to use your space as you wish and have the peace of mind that you are completely isolated from other users.

Sample 1 Plan Configuration:

  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • 1000 GB Data Transfer
  • Fedora Core 4
  • Plesk for Linux

Sample 2:

TrueVPS solutions provide the power and flexibility of a dedicated server with the low price and manageability of a shared hosting account.

  • Security – Your VPS will never be unavailable due to other customers on the server
  • Control – Administrative access allows you to upload applications directly
  • Autonomy – A complete toolset to help you backup, repair, reboot and manage your service If you wanted any of this flexibility and power, but weren’t ready to leave the shared services price range, consider a TrueVPS plan

Sample 2 Plan Configuration:

  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • 1000 GB Data Transfer
  • Fedora Core 4
  • Plesk for Linux
  • TrueVPS Control Panel

Dynamic Dedicated Servers (DS/ DDS)

A Dynamic Dedicated Server(DDS) is like a dedicated server without the high cost. Each DDS plan has a complete resource guarantee and the ability to use available resources when needed. You will always have enough processing power to ensure your site is running smoothly, it’s just like having your own server. With full administrative control, you’ll be able to load applications and manage your service at will. With the control panel integration, there are many applications at your finger tips for fast and easy download. Deploying and managing a DDS service doesn’t need to be intimidating, it’s possible at any skill level with the complete set of web-based administration tools to help you with all of the typical operations from starting and stopping your DDS to troubleshooting an error or completing a backup. Take the next step toward full server control, try a DDS service plan.

Sample Plan Configuration:

  • 256 MB RAM Guarantee, Bursting to 512 MB
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 100GB Data Transfer
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Plesk for Linux

Split Dedicated

A Split Dedicated server is an entire dedicated server packaged with Virtuozzo virtualization technology and management tools. This pre-packaged configuration provides complete control over the server to configure the server and provision any combination of virtual environments that suits your needs. Use a split dedicated server as the basic infrastructure to your business, either by reselling virtual environments or by provisioning them to use effectively in your business. Use a split dedicated server to create and resell webhosting services. Use a split dedicated server to configure your internal business applications to easily manage and maintain by placing different applications in different virtual environments.

Managed VPS

A Managed VPS service is like a managed dedicated server, only better. A Managed VPS has all of the benefits of a dedicated server, such as the complete ownership of a server, without having to take on the administrative tasks of loading, maintaining and backing up the service. Managed VPS is a worry-free, fully-powerful service without any technical skill requirements.



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