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Why Use UK Based Hosting Providers, with Servers in UK Data Centres?

Choosing whom to host with is difficult enough without having to consider where, geographically, to buy it from. You then ask yourself the age old question, would my company benefit from buying abroad? Can we save money by basing our hosting overseas?

The answers to all these questions are invariably yes. But, if you are a UK based company, whose customers focus mainly on the UK market, and you require a fast and reliable Web hosting service, then buy from the UK. Your connection speeds will be faster for the very simplest of reasons; your web sites data packets will have far less to travel, and therefore your end user would be able to access their website that much faster which helps in your natural ranking.

Other issues arise from the inevitable if-I-have-a-problem how quickly do I get a response and whom can I contact. Where do you phone? What timezone are they in? Will they answer? Would they understand us? If not, what will you do? How will your search engine ranking be affected in the UK if you are hosting overseas? Google, amongst others, uses location of data centres as one of the criterion for its UK search engine.

There are many quality UK based Web hosting companies. research into the facilities and qualities you need, phone them, email with your questions, and come to your own conclusions, based on the feedback you receive.

Our servers are at a UK based secure, ex cold war era nuclear bunker with multiple tier 1 data connectivity to provide a fast and reliable UK Web hosting service, and our experienced support staff answer their phones from our Hertfordshire Web Hosting offices.



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