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Web Hosting Provider: Several Steps to Switch

web hosting provider

You already started your business with a certain web hosting company but realise that there are too many issues due to them not meeting your level of standards and the growing frustration towards not receiving the bandwidth, customer service and space required to run your business efficiently. The thought of moving your business to another web hosting provider seems too tedious and frustrating, so you start thinking that maybe you will just see it through. Well with several easy steps you can move your business with ease and minimal downtime. Following these simple steps to easily move your online business to a new web hosting provider.

Back Up Your Website for the New Web Hosting Provider

First step to switching your provider is backing up website, just in case you run into existing issues. You can easily use a tool such as Frontpage to download all files, media, HTML to a local computer or even an online cloud.

Record Important Information

Make sure to record all relevant information when you decide to change web hosting providers which includes details such as security settings, email boxes, software and configuration information.

Choosing a New Web Hosting Provider

When looking at future growth and not having to change your web hosting provider in the future, you should do all the research you can to find the perfect provider that will benefit your online business. Take into consideration when making this big decision a web hosting provider that has an uptime guarantee, their server can support all of your running applications and will assist you in switching over. When it comes to choosing the right provider, make sure to not close the old one as of yet.

Inform Your Customers

When you change web hosting providers, the affect doesn’t just hit your business, but your clientele as well. This might create a panic for them, especially if they have recently purchased something from your site. It is better to inform them of the change and ease the transition.

Load Your Site

Before you go ahead and change your domain name, it would be best to upload your website to the new web hosting company. This can easily be done by uploading all of your files, media and HTML to the IP address that is provided to you by the new provider.

Update Your Domain Name Information

Change your domain name information with the server name information of the new web hosting provider. Dependant on how your domain name is registered, whether it is with the web hosting provider, if it is registered somewhere else, or not registered as an administrative contact. It will come down to how difficult or easy the change can be. Once you begin the process it take up to 2 business days for the DNS servers throughout the web to receive the information that your site now is being used with a different server.

Cancel Your Account

Once all of these steps have been taken and the DNS server has recognised the move, start testing for issues and once everything is correct you can go ahead and close your account with the old web hosting provider.

Changing Web Hosting Providers doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. Following these several steps will help ensure that your online business receives the best service and gives you the peace of mind that you deserve. As long as you plan ahead, downtime can be minimalised and the company you chose can meet all of your requirements. Thus, leaving your company to grow in the present and future.

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