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Website Migration: Issues You May Experience and Their Solutions

website migration

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Expansion and growth of your website in time may require you to think about Website Migration. Moves like these often bare certain risks and issues, which may occur during such a process. To make Website Migration of your site successful, here are some issues you may experience and solutions to correct them.

Page Rank and SEO Loss Due to Website Migration

Migrating to a different CMS will change all of your URLs as well. This could result in a loss of page ranking in search results. To prevent this from happening, you must notify your search engine of your decision to migrate, and where your new URLs can be found. In order to maintain your SEO, 301 redirect must be applied to your website. This way your site will be discoverable and added to Google index.

Website Content Loss

Over time your website is likely to generate a big amount of content and information. During the migration process there is a risk of losing some of your content. Using migration software like CMS2CMS, Caliente etc. you can lower the risk of anything going wrong. Make the process even easier by prioritising what content will be transferred.  Out of date content that you don’t have use for anymore, should be left behind.

Broken Internal Links

As we already mentioned, migrating your website to a new CMS will have an effect on your URLs. This means all links with navigation to other pages you post, will end up being broken. Solution to this problem would be to transfer your content by following rewrite rules required by the CMS platform you are migrating your website to.

Website Migration might be a step you would consider too risky to take. But have no fear, especially if your website needs a more powerful platform. Problems will happen, but they can be solved and in some cases prevented.


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