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Advantages Of Secure Remote Backup

Advantages of secure remote online backup solutions over traditional tape based backup systems

  • Ultra secure data centre for your stored online backups
  • Backs up all types of files
  • Can be used on PCs Laptops and servers alike
  • High levels of compression for backup data
  • Encryption levels to ensure the security of the data when it is sent to the backup server
  • Incremental or differential backups result in only changed data being backed up
  • In-file delta technology for large database or email mailbox files
  • Less user management required
  • Automate backups to run as often as desired with the backup scheduler
  • Special attention to MS Exchange, MSSQL, Lotus Notes, Oracle 8, Locked and in use files
  • Restore data easily 24 hours a day
  • Accessed from anywhere in the world.



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