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Merak Mail Server

Early implementation of cutting edge technologies that Merak is known for has ensured that the most advanced email tools are available to you which include anti-spam, anti-virus, open relay protection and an outlook like web mail interface. Since it is an award winning email hosting server and is used by over 40 million users globally, we offer a variety of options that range from you hosting your domain name and your email on a shared Merak platform, a Merak VPS or a dedicated server.

Merak Mail Server will provide you with the following:

  • High performance and easy to use, “Apache power with IIS interface”, PHP5 preinstalled
  • Run PHP based applications such as Wiki, forums, intranets, CRM
  • Host multiple websites on a single IPRun IIS/Apache simultaneously on the same server
  • HTTP Proxy, SSL security, WebDAV, W3C logging, extensive URI rewrite rules & much more

For the businesses that do not wish to commit to the time and resources it takes to maintain a server environment within their own location, application hosting such as email hosting is an inexpensive alternative that will provide you with remotely hosting your own Merak server and applications. This will allow you to focus on your business with having the comfort and security of a full service guarantee and powerful ultra-secure back up facilities.



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