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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Hosting (VPS)

The secure data centre is an old cold war era UK military command and control and data storage centre. It was built 30 metres below ground by the UK government to protect people and technology and data from nuclear attacks.The ultra secure data centre facilities are housed within an 18-acre high-security site that addresses every potential threat that can compromise the availability, uptime and security of your business critical data, applications or servers.

Comprehensive onsite security includes:

  • 3.5 metre high perimeter fence
  • three metre, solid, thick concrete walls
  • thick solid-steel doors
  • military grade electro magnetic pulse protection
  • ‘Tempest’ RFI intrusion protection
  • 24-hour sentries
  • MoD-trained guard dogs
  • CCTV
  • sophisticated access controls

Admission to the site is strictly via a Guardroom (fitted with bullet-proof glass) which has a vehicular gate with control barrier and electrically operated pedestrian gate.

On site security staff (ex-military and police) maintain a physical presence in the Guardroom and perform random patrols of the site with guard dogs. Patrols of secure areas are also conducted on a regular basis and there is constant CCTV monitoring. Sophisticated infrared cameras cover the site both above and below ground and include a ‘last motion picture captured’ facility with thumbnail archives.

Entry to the Nuclear Bunker is via a turnstile, operated by an encrypted security card system. All access below ground is physically monitored and recorded by security staff and by CCTV.

Data Center Power and air conditioning

  • 2x 11,000 volt, 3-phase power supplies with auto changeover facility. Primary supply direct from national grid
  • Mains supply capable of delivering around 1500 watts per square meter
  • Secondary shared power supply
  • 2x back-up generators deliver 1x megawatt of power
  • 5x back-up bulk diesel tanks store 250,000 litres of fuel
  • UPS back-up power installed for systems power continuity through failover or transition to generator power
  • 3x refrigerated water chillers
  • Fan coil units for localised cooling

Fire detection and suppression

  • Fire is low risk at the facility other than in localised areas
  • Each suite is protected by a fire detection system. A choice of advanced detection and suppression systems are available on request

BGP4 Secured network connectivity

  • Diverse connectivity from a number of tier 1 bandwidth providers
  • BGP4 routing provides resilience against individual line failure



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