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Secure Online Backup

At bytehouse we are offering a one month no obligation free trial allowing you the freedom to back up your data onto our secure remote data storage centre at no cost to yourself.

Free trial

  1. Click on System Management on the left hand side of the page
  2. Click on AhsayOBM (Client Software) Download/Install
  3. Select preferred language and click “Go”
  4. Select your operating system
  5. Click Ahsay Online Backup Manager to download the installer then install
  6. Run the software and when prompted select the backup server as
  7. Type a username/ password and contact email address for your trial account
  8. Start creating your backup sets


Please Note: The trial online backup account will be active for 30 days.

Once the account is inactive, the files may be deleted within 24 hrs without notice.

To upgrade to a paid user of our secure offsite storage account(s), please contact ByteHouse sales on 0844 833 0333 to upgrade.

Find out more about remote online backup for servers and networks

At bytehouse, we always like to speak to our customers. If you would like some further information or if you have specific needs of more than 500 GB, of remote data server backup, require a custom package and storage or simply require more information then please contact us on 0844 833 0333 or online for more information on offsite secure online backup.



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