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Backup Offsite for Mission Critical Data


It is a fact that every business or company that deals and owns its own data needs to have its own backup strategy which will be used in case of emergency as a preventive measure for data loss. Offsite Backup and storing of mission critical data is highly recommended as this data is something your business and your systems require on a daily basis, if they are to function properly. Here are some pros and cons in backing up such information.

Storage and Backup Options for Your Data

Disk Storage

 The upside to using disk storage systems simply are in fact that they have less parts resulting in less chance for them to malfunction. Also they can resist the long term environment effects of dirt and dust. The downside in usage of disk storage are that they still cost more than some other methods like tape backups, and are also much harder to transport to an offsite backup facility which is essential in keeping your data safe.

Cloud Storage

 The positive side of cloud storage is the fact that your data is by default stored offsite and away from your onsite hardware, making it safe in case any accidents or natural disasters affect your facilities. On the other hand are once again the price of usage of such servers which, depending on the amount you need to store, can get quite high. Another thing to be concerned about is security. Even if the encryption key of the site is strong there is always someone able to hack it, so storing your mission critical data may not be the right step to take.

Tape Storage

 The upside for this option first and foremost is the price which is undeniably the lowest in comparison to the previous options discussed, making it most cost effective. They can withstand ageing and still be usable. Also easy to automate makes them an attractive solution for companies that have the need for big storage capabilities. The downfall to this method is that due to the set pace that tapes read the files from start to finish, speed of which it does is slow.

When choosing the right method in Offsite Backup for mission critical data, you have to account the specific needs of your company and space required for your data to be stored. You may find that sometimes combining some of these methods can give you the best results.


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