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Content Managing System: Making the Right Choice

content managing system

Before the creation process of your website begins, the final step is choosing the right Content Managing System. The ones most used around the website developing communities are Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. They share a lot of similarities, but also some differences. Knowing these differences will help you make the right choice.

Drupal Content Managing System

If you are looking to build a complex website that has a high level of customization, content and needs scalability, Drupal is what you need. Drupal is a strong but user friendly tool for developing sites like these. That being said, it does however require a certain level of experience to use and manage. Caching plugins such as Pressflow delivers a boost and improves performance, scalability etc.

WordPress Content Managing System

For developing simpler types of websites with less complexity, WordPress would be the right choice. It is user friendly, not only to experienced developers, but also for those who have none. However WordPress, like Drupal, can also be used to develop complex content sites. Ease of use makes it easier on developers to transfer site managing, from them to their clients. Caching plugins like WP-SuperCache enables faster load times by optimizing performance.

Joomla Content Managing System

Joomla stands as a middle ground between Drupal and WordPress. It is less complicated to operate than Drupal, but not as simple as WordPress is. Still you can create websites of higher complexity, with an intuitive and somewhat easy usage. It is simple to install and setup, with a design and performance of a community platform, it has powerful social networking features. With JotCache page, caching is enabled within Joomla framework, creating faster speed for page downloads. It also offers you to have control over what content you want cached.

All of these Content Management Systems are open sourced software, you can download and use for free. They come with big communities that can offer valuable support and help. By knowing what kind of website you want to build and its complexity, you will be able to recognize and choose the right one that suits your needs best.

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