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Dedicated IP vs. Shared IP: Which One is Beneficial

dedicated IPMany businesses don’t know the difference between a dedicated IP and a shared IP and which one is better for their online presence. An IP is a series of numbers that identify computers that have access to the internet and is able to access the server or computer that your domain is hosted on. When having a domain and wanting to access your site, that specific domain is linked to an IP which is a unique address on the internet. With a dedicated IP you are able to type in the IP address in your browser as well as going to the domain. With a shared IP, you are sharing your IP address with a multitude of users and domains. Unfortunately, using a shared IP can potentially harm your emails reputation among other things.

Downfalls of a Shared IP Compared to Dedicated IP

When using a shared IP address, you run the risk of being compromised by blacklisting companies such as Spamhaus and it only takes one email account that gets affected by this to get blacklisted by major blacklisting companies. This in turn will be rejected by the email provider since your IP has been blacklisted as potential spam. If you do not want this to affect your email use and reputation, than going with a Dedicated IP will solve all your issue from all the unknowns filtering through. You will receive full control of the information that is passed through it in order to provide quality service and stop this from turning into an issue.

Dedicated IP for Online Protection

If your online business sells products and services through your site, then one very important factor is keeping your customers personal information such as credit cards protected and encrypted, you will need an SSL certificate. This certificate will keep your customers information protected and safe from online hackers and to receive one of these you will need a Dedicated IP.

If your online business requires a higher performance for your site, you can receive longer process timeouts for long running applications, fast handling of site traffic from the web server and better protection. With a shared IP, you run the risk of being attacked by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) which create an overload of increased traffic which tries to disable a web server and making it unresponsive. With a Dedicated IP, it would ensure that it doesn’t affect your site or email, even though there may be other targeted IPs on the server with a traffic filter in place.

When it comes to your online business, there is no reason to take risks from being hacked or having to share an IP address with a multitude of users that will leave your business vulnerable to virus attacks and online hackers. Dedicated IP is the best way to go to protect yourself and your customers as well as continuing to keep the trust from them. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Dedicated vs. Shared IP, please contact us at


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