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Ecommerce Hosting Moves to the Cloud

More than half of US retailers are moving their ecommerce hosting to the cloud, as the trend to cloud hosting continues upwards.

55% of those questioned were planning on moving to the cloud to support their ecommerce hosting growth, with inventory management, marketing program management and CRM also seen as areas in which the move to a cloud environment would help support growth.

However, security concerns remained a chief obstacle to the move, as major retailers worried that shared cloud resources could hamper security. Could encrypted cloud services then move to fill in this gap? With bespoke services becoming increasingly sought after, secure encrypted cloud technology could go a long way to allay business security fears.

The trend to e-commerce hosting on cloud was first noted in a previous study that showed US retailers were moving to the cloud to cope with increased demand.

The 2015 Retail Growth Outlook report – which surveyed e-commerce and marketing professionals – indicated that their key areas of targeted growth were through mobile and e-commerce as online engagement continues to surge. This study showed that over a quarter of large-scale retailers saw cloud services as critical to their future growth.

Nearly three-quarters of retailers in the US expect online revenue to increase by 17 percent in 2015, a growth supported by cloud technology and investments in mobile, according to the report by eBay Enterprise.


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