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Hosting: Why You May Require High Availability?

hostingServer hosts offer a promise of high availability hosting in the sales agreement. This states that your website or hosted content will never be inaccessible and always online. For them to keep these promises it requires a special connection via a router, power, cooling and other special hardware. Therefore, it uses additional equipment to cover against the possibility of failure or malfunctions with software that immediately switches to backup: requires high redundancy. Since this promise entails costly equipment to be installed; this will not be used for the most part or at all. Here are a few solutions and tips for you to receive high availability hosting.

High Availability Hosting on Cloud Servers

The issue can be simplified by Cloud hosting due to the redundancy that is a part of the cloud infrastructure. Therefore, your entire web hosting account would be stored in a virtualised container, which could limit multiple pieces of real hardware. These trusted cloud providers create usage from VMware for virtualisation purposes. Within a network, cloud hosting is always fully redundant. In a case of singular hardware failure occurring, your data will instantly be moved to backup servers. Thus, this will create little to no downtime and therefore, continue to give your customers consistent services. This will create more traffic and revenue for your online business.

Reliability of High Availability Hosting

Users who take advantage of high availability servers are able to expect more than 99% reliability. Usually 99% reliability means 2 or more hours of downtime occurring each week; this is not adequate for any site to run properly. Server hosts standard promise of high reliability servers is reliability of 99.99% or better. This means only a chance of 10 minutes of downtime will occur per week.  It is better to find a server host that offers more than just the 99% uptime. Even if you are down for that 1%, you will end up not only losing customers and traffic but revenue as well.

In conclusion, if you are searching for high availability hosting with little to no downtime on a daily basis, than Bytehouse is the place to be. Here our experienced representatives will help you decide what hosting program is best for your online business. They will provide you with more information regarding high availability hosting. Contact us now at


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