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Managing Frontpage extensions in Plesk

What are Frontpage extensions?

Frontpage extensions are used to allow people who have built their site in frontpage (a now obsolete Microsoft WYSIWYG site builder and editor) to run correctly if frontpage specific functions have been used during the development of the site.

These provide website site builders features and addable functions that can be inserted to the website and may be very useful to your site visitors.  These include addable functions ranging from the classic website visitor counter, to the more sophisticated features such as a guestbook, regional weather gauge or even the ability of your site visitors to comment on your site.

Managing Frontpage extensions using Plesk

Plesk’s inbuilt frontpage extension manager allows you to configure certain preferences such as the sending of emails from web pages which have been designed and configured in Microsoft Frontpage.  This thus allows Frontpage web pages to have the same dynamics as their server side counterparts without the need either for the use of a database or the mess of setting up permissions to ensure that they are functioning correctly.

Plesk also provides you with access to the Frontpage web admin allowing you to manage and configure other features that may play a part in the running of the web pages that you have created in Frontpage and are able to then upload to your web hosting space.  Furthermore you are also able to setup Frontpage management accounts with an array of configurable preferences such as the amount of disk space that can be used by the account holder.


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