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Managing subdomains through Plesk

What are subdomains?
Subdomains are domains that are created under your hosted domain name (often referred to as a top level domain TLD). Examples would include our blog;, or the bytehouse mail server

Why are subdomains useful?

Creating subdomains can be an efficient way of organising your sites content without the need for directories, or should one wish, for creating separate doorway pages for channelling traffic to specific products or service that you wish to offer.

Subdomains and search engines
Search engines view subdomains as search engine friendly because they view them as separate domain names and thus rate them above directories.

DNS and subdomains
Through Plesk you are able to automatically direct the subdomains to the same IP address as your site or the server you are hosting on. Within Plesk the advanced DNS feature allows you to go one step further and change the IP address that your subdomain is pointing to thus allowing you to host the subdomain on a different server or platform.

Saying all of that most people rarely use subdomains finding it simpler just to structure their site using the directory format. But, the good thing about subdomains is like directories you can use subdomains for hosting absolutely any content you want whilst maximising your sites SEO to take effect of the search engines preference for subdomains.


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