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My site is down! Help what can I do!

Site is down: what can you do?

You sit down go online to your site, and nothing happens! You stop for a sec, refresh the site and still nothing happens!  Sweat starts pouring down as you wonder about all those people trying to access your site and can’t place an order. You start think how much money are you losing :-(!

Your hand shoots for the phone receiver and your blood simmers thinking of all those expletives you are going to be telling your web hosting company for committing the cardinal sin of letting your site go down!  You call, politely at first, not quite sure what’s wrong and ask them why is my site down, the support guy at the other end hears the tension in your voice, whilst he is looking into what’s wrong and running through their checklist, you start strumming your fingers on the desk and out of the corner of your eye you notice that your network cable seems unplugged, before you can say anything to the support techie, you get the “everything is fine at our end”, and you tell your good byes and hang up.

Well, it’s probably useful to go over a few things that are worth doing before picking up the phone and calling the support team of your web hosting company.

First things first, it probably easiest to try and visit another website on your browser.  If you can’t get to any other site try closing your browser and reopening it, if you still can’t get through is a good indication that the problem is at your end and not with your web hosting provider.

Secondly, it is always working making sure you are a physically connected onto the internet, check both the physical cables, and the connection/ lights on your router or modem, as well as checking the icon on your computer’s internet connection.

If  you are having problems, your cables are connected but the icon on your computer says you are not connected onto the internet then it is worth checking your cable modem or router and rebooting it.  This is done simply by unplugging and replugging your cable modem, switching it off, and then doing the same to your router.  The re-initialisation can be seen by the lights flashing, and then stabilising on the on position.  At this stage if your connections seem to be ok, it is worth restarting your PC if things are still not working.

If after all that you are still having problems then it is worth giving your ISP a call, and telling them that you’ve gone through the basic checks, and get them to run some checks at their end.

Now, if everything else checks out, it is worth waiting a little time – a few minutes should be enough – before calling your hosting provider as devices can take a little time whilst rebooting.

If you do need to call your ISP or hosting company, have all your details and account information close to hand, since for your security they may not be able to deal with you.


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