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Online Blogging and why we choose WordPress

A little light reading just before christmas

Why choose WordPress for your online blogging? Were gonna give you a crash course on everything that relates to your own blog, and why your out there in the blogosphere conversing with us all! So whether you are looking your focusing on sales, lead generation or let people know more about your brand and what you stand for, if you are an internet marketer, a consultant, or a professional blogger, we’re going to let rip and give you some light reading just before Christmas 😉 to prepare you for 2009.

So what’s it all about, and what are the basics of blogging?

Before we start a word of caution, you may already be using WordPress and are up to speed with why its the best blogging tool out there, you may have things that you won’t want to change, in that case we won’t take offence but would suggest reading through the post in case you’ve overlooked anything you might wish to use. We’re just sharing our experience in what we’ve found to be how WordPress can best be used to help with your online marketing plan, so don’t worry it won’t be the end of the world if your blog is established and working differently.

Now if your not using WordPress as your blogging platform, then you might want to ponder and consider the ramifications of not being on the best blogging platform on the blogosphere and bookmark this page 😉

The benefits of a self hosted blog

In our opinion if your a FTSE 100 company, a professional blogger, small business or an enthusiastic hobbiest blogging away who wants to share his passion with the blogosphere the WordPress self hosted blog is the best platform you can use for your online marketing.

So, we aren’t saying that the other platforms shan’t work, but we will put our case across as to why we believe you should use a blog.

Flexibility and scalability

Well, the breadth and depth of a WordPress site ranging from a static website, to a membership site, or even a full blown complex multi-author blogging blog.

Fully integrated into Web 2.0

Well, although other blog systems and online alternatives can ‘plugin’ to social networking outlets, a self hosted WordPress blog can do it like no other, and prior technical knowledge is definitely not required!

Open source

It’s open source meaning its free, continuously updated and has an extensive support community should you get stuck and are ready and able to wade through the myriad of forums to answer any issues or questions that may arise.

Simple and easy to maintain

It really is simple and straightforward to get going and start blogging. Anyone, and I really do mean anyone can do it, once you pick up some basics titbits you can build on your blog, and go out and fully market your site, either do a little research and set it up from scratch and get rolling, or heaven forbid find a web hosting provider that has WordPress setup as one of its hosting packages and off you go!

If you look around, you’ll find that most major players on the blogosphere are hosting their own WordPress blog, well we believe that once you try it you’ll agree with us and them. So happy reading over the Christmas hols. Wishing you a very merry christmas, and if you’re convinced and are looking for a WordPress Blog Hosting company than visit us at bytehouse.


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