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PHP 7 AKA PHPNG (PHP Next Generation)

PHP 7 – the biggest update in years


The arrival of the new PHPNG (PHP next generation) marks the biggest update for the software in years and for those more savvy marks a jump directly from PHP 5.6.15 to PHP 7 AKA PHP 007 license to thrill :).


While the massively improved performance is the the glossy headline, lots of smaller changes and features make this a marked improvement from 5.6. Significantly reduced memory usage, return-type declarations and a new Spaceship Operator are among the upgrades.


However, the removal of PHP safe mode and magic quotes, along with the inclusion of new reserved keywords, does mean that Web apps like WordPress or Magneto may need to be partially re-engineered to be ready for PHP 7 – although at first glance all seem to be compatible with the upgrade.


While Web applications are traditionally slow and wary to upgrade to new platforms, developers are hoping that the huge jump in speed and performance will help tempt these cautious programmers to new waters.


PHP has been the world’s fourth most popular programming language for seven years straight, powering more than 200 million websites and accounting for 81.7% of public websites that leverage PHP on the server side.


At bytehouse we have been very early adopters of PHP 7.0.0 with Plesk 12.5 especially for our WordPress, ownCloud, Magento, and OpenCart hosted clients.


WordPress   2.0-3x Faster
MediaWiki   1.5-2x Faster
ownCloud     1.2-2x Faster
OpenCart     1.1-1.2x Faster
Magento       2-2.5x Faster
PHPBB         1.5-2x Faster
Drupal          1.5-2x Faster
Moodle         1.5.-1.7 Faster
ZenCart        1.2-1.4x Faster
PHPMyAdmin 1.2-1.4x Faster


Why don’t you trial one of our PHP 7 Virtual or Dedicated machines and let us know whay you find.


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