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Pitfalls of traffic shaping and unlimited bandwidth

The Pitfalls of traffic shaping and unlimited bandwidth

People seem to be interested in are the pitfalls of Traffic Shaping and Unlimited Bandwidth. Truth be told, a lot of people would want to have these things because this would mean that they would be able to avail of a higher internet speed. Unfortunately it must be said that with great speed comes great responsibility and so these control measures can actually pose a direct threat to the wellbeing of other users seeing as how these concepts would lead to a small group of people dominating the connection to the internet.

For starters, it must be said that shaping the traffic that goes on in a given server could potentially ensure that only one person really has a clear route online. This form of traffic manipulation is more or less a tactic used by people who wish to hog to internet connection all to themselves and though it must be said that Traffic Shaping can indeed be used as a tool to break up any monopolies on the internet connection, it is clear that such a tool can also be misused and abused. As for Unlimited Bandwidth, this is something that is potentially bad because there is really no such thing as an unlimited and everlasting bandwidth. What this means is that you may get bandwidth that is unlimited but it will always be at the cost of another person’s bandwidth. As such it must be said that the pitfall here is that only a handful of people may actually have a decent internet connection since everyone else would end up having little or no access to the net.

Though most people would like to have no restrictions on their connection to the net, it must be said that those restrictions are actually there for a reason and that reason is to stop people from having a monopoly of such an important resource. With this in mind it must be said that people should try their best to just stick to a decent amount of bandwidth because having too much of may be detrimental in the long run.


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