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The Web Application Vault within Plesk — A.K.A. Plesk’s hidden gem!

Plesk’s golden nugget
Plesk’s application vault must be one of the most useful features within Plesk, and truly a little gem!  The application vault allows you to install any script or application that is within the vault/ script repository. By taking care of all the technical work ( read setup and configuration of the databases as well as creation of the file permissions which are all done automatically by Plesk for you) any program, application or script that is effectively auto installed; now think about this for a minute —isn’t that a God send?

Java and ASP.NET
The hosting of Java or ASP.NET applications are also greatly simplified through Plesk as it provides users with interfaces to simplify the setup of both application without you needing help from your web hosting provider.

Now, again, isn’t this an exceedingly useful feature? Imagine that you’ve just started developing your website wouldn’t you find this useful and helpful in allowing you to setup and install all applications that may be needed for the site whilst it is still in the development stage?  Would this cut down on the amount of work you’d require prior to the launching of your site? Wouldn’t it then free up your precious time just prior to the site launch when you’d historically have been bogged down in making everything gel together and work?

What would you pay to take the hassle out of setting up your site and freeing more time for marketing and promoting it?

No need for detailed technical knowledge
Using Plesk’s application feature you will find that most of the ‘grunt’ work so to speak is done for you by the Plesk application vault negating the need for complicated technical knowledge — remember the configuration of databases that are needed and the setting up of file permissions that are required to install the more complex applications will be done for you by Plesk.

Growing your site
Through the web application feature of Plesk you can install more complex applications for your site adding useful features such as a blog, or provide your users with forums, install a CMS/ content management system or even setup an ecommerce module for your site through the creation and setting up of a shopping cart for your site.

By using Plesk’s inbuilt repository of applications, you are able to transfer your site and may even be able to start selling products or services through your site thus making a return on your investment and offset the costs of your web hosting package.

As you can see, you are now able to take your site to a whole new level, making it more interactive and sticky, and converting more of those visitors into users and financiers of your site thereby financing the cost of your site, and making a reasonable return on your investment.


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