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Plesk Key Features

Plesk Key features (by Parallels):

Plesk’s 8.4 (the latest version of Plesk which can be demoed at Plesk demo) has a variety of features which mean that it is viewed by many as one of the leading hosting control panels.

Features include:

User-Friendly Interface
Anti-Virus by Dr.Web
Automated Key Update
Auto Upgrade
Migration Manager
International Domain Names
Professional Website Editor
Chrooted Shell Access
Application Vault
AntiSpam* SpamAssassin

Plesk Application Vault

Of all the features, I find that the application vault to be the most useful. Its extensive library of features and programs means that any one with basic knowledge of the web can quickly install a myriad of programs with minimal previous experience. Al little common sense is all one needs!

You can find out more about Plesk’s key features here: more information on Plesk Key Features


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