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Plesk Mail Feature

This feature allows you to control the differing aspects of email from individual accounts to mass mailing lists that you may have configured within your Plesk shared hosting plan. You will find that it provides you a variety of controls so that you are able to configure your email hosting the way you want it.

Features include the ability to disable a mailbox so that it can be used as a simple mail forwarding address, setting up a responder for the email account concerned or even allow the owner of the email account to log on to the Plesk control panel and manage aspects of their own email account.  As a web master/ owner of the email account you can setup custom spam and antivirus rules, as well as utilise the preference panel.

Preference Panel
A preference panel allows you to reset your password, setup aliases, setup multiple mailing lists, alter the size of each email account (stopping any one account using up all the assigned email space), or even change the actual email address of the account whilst still retaining the email it contained!

As you would agree, the Plesk Mail feature, is a very useful feature for web developers on the Plesk shared hosting platforms.


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