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Plesk Shared Hosting

Plesk is a web hosting control panel available for and on both Windows and Linux platforms. Plesk is a Parralels/ SWSoft (A company that own other industry web hosting products such as Helm, Virtuzzo, and HSPComplete/ PBAS) product that allows users to easily access their files and set-up websites, email accounts and DNS entries through a web based interface that been designed around the windows look-and-feel to help to give users more confidence in using it.

Plesk, like helm and cPanel, allows you on top of the features outlined above to allow all you web masters to manage different parts of your web hosting account such as how much and when have you been consuming bandwidth, what your CPU and memory usage is, all the way to managing your own DNS entries that are functioning within your account.

Over the next few weeks we will cover some of the features of Plesk, and how to make use of them.  These features include items such as a security feature that allows you to stop files or images that you are using on your site being displayed on other peoples sites and as such leach away your bandwidth! Other features include the ability to edit your PHP settings on files that require customisation, creating protected directories, schedule tasks – a useful feature for running programmes such as a billing system – and manage your mySQL or MsSQL databases.

By the end you will agree with us that a Plesk shared hosting platform in an excellent low cost way for web developers, designers, and webmasters to access and control their sites on the world wide web.


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