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Scalability of VPS platforms

Growing with VPS

We find that VPS web hosting provides an ideal framework for the majority of growing client’s hosting needs and rapid scalability before switching over to a dedicated environment.  Of course there are occasional times when VPS hosting is not the ideal hosting environment but on the whole this is an ideal hosting platform for most clients.

The medical screening company, a medical insurance screening provider was a client that started off life on a Linux VPS platform and migrated on to ever more powerful VPS hosting platforms until finally migrated over to a dedicated system as their marketing, brand awareness and traffic numbers rapidly increased.

At the appropriate time we were able to quickly and seemlessly migrate them over to their own dedicated envrionment.

Arsenal Insider, an Arsenal online fan blog, was another similar client who initially started off on our VPS hosting platform, moved to another provider when they came up against the VPS constraints to reduce their costs, but came back to host with us on our dedicated servers thanks to our attention to detail excellent infrastructure and connectivity and award winning customer service.

We find that Virtual Private Servers are an excellent way for clients to move away from shared hosting and grow their business before migrating over to the costlier dedicated hosting needs.


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