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Server Virtualisation in Action

bytehouse’s Virtuzzo Blade Virtualisation in Action

Other advantages of VPS hosting systems are:

  1. Hardware independence – The ability to move VPS Hosting systems to other physical hardware platforms in minutes
  2. Rapid Disaster Recovery – Reduced recovery times, in the event of hardware failures your server can be redeployed and up again in minutes!
  3. Need more Memory or disk space? Upgrade your VPS hosted systems at the flick of a switch, with no disruption to your servers
  4. In house 24/7 support – Our own in house support team.
  5. Ultra fast setup VPS hosted environment setup as soon as you decide to purchase!
  6. Cost effective – All the benefits of your own server at a fraction of the price!
  7. Ultra secure Hosting – Use our ultra secure, fully redundant BGP4 routed facilities for all your VPS Web Hosting needs.

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