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SSD Web Hosting: What are the Benefits?

SSD Web Hosting

Usage of SSD that lead to SSD Web Hosting has become more commercialised in the past years, as the technology behind it got more developed. Although HDDs are still being used more than SSDs, mainly due to the fact that SSD is more expensive, one cannot argue that the benefits of investing more outweigh the reasons not to.

Differences Between SSD Web Hosting vs. HDD

There is only one thing both drives share together, and that is data storage. HDD (Hard Disk Drive) contains disks and heads that write and read data. As the disks spin at a certain rate, the heads store data on the disks magnetically. The upside to using HDD is its capability to store large amounts of data, but the downside is slow reading speeds. Even with increased spinning disk speeds of HDD, 10.000 rpm being the fastest, they still fall short to SSD technology, as they have the tendency of malfunctioning easily. On the other hand SSD (Solid State Drives) are made to be less fragile and are more resilient to shock waves and vibrations. It has no reading heads or spinning disks, thus eliminating the physical aspect of moving and reading data. Data is stored electronically within the SSD, resulting in increasingly faster reading speeds.

SSD Web Hosting and Performance

With some of the main benefits of SSD Web hosting being reliable for your stored data and durability of SSD drives which can stay operational for up to 10 years, the most important one is Web Hosting Performance. Majority of new websites are being developed using open source applications such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, as they are easy to use and customisable. Entering a dynamic website like WordPress will activate both database queries and content access simultaneously. Using SSD, you can improve your browser experience by reducing page load time as a result of SSDs ability to read and write data at the same time. Whether you are selling products through your website or not, loading speeds are the key and can produce more interactions, page views and ultimately more revenue. Turning to third party services in order to improve your site’s performance is always an option, but it will not have much result if your web host is slow.

SSD Web Hosting is something you should definitely consider for your website as it can make it faster and more reliable. If you need any additional information regarding SSD Web Hosting and its benefits feel free to contact our team at


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