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VPS and Blogging

VPS and Blogging

You’re out there on the blogosphere and have outgrown a shared hosting environment for your blog and want to move onto your very own server but are not sure whether to spec your dedicated sever for today’s needs or at the rate your growing where you think you should be.

Writing a blog is now a growing popular pursuit whether it is the blog attached to your corporate or personal site, or one that is more personal to you and your interests. By hosting your own blog it allows you to create your very own professional customised look, and we’ve outlined some useful tips to be aware of when hosting your blog on a VPS platform.

Plesk control panel

By using a Plesk control panel you have an icon based user friendly GUI interface that requires no prior knowledge about the working of hosting control panels. You have an inbuilt regional web statistics as well as an easy to use backup facility.

Use WordPress for your blog

WordPress is an easy to use powerful Linux based open source blogging software that is easy to install and has a wide and extensive open source online community that provide free applications, addons, plugins and general software.

Some of the more sophisticated control panels (Plesk included) and web hosting companies (bytehouse included) provide a preinstalled WordPress scripts and addons package on their blog hosting packages.

Look for good uptime and equipment

Your blog is an interactive 24/7/365 slice of the world wide web, you’ve spent time energy and effort in finding that niche where you are interacting and exchanging ideas with the wider community, it is articulate, thoughtful and providing information that is of interest to the wider community; in short your reaching that elusive holy grail a sticky blog.

So while you are thinking of expanding your hosting space and moving onto a more powerful hosting environment then it is worth bearing in mind that you want reliable connections (preferably BGP routing where there are multiple concurrent tier 1 connections), good reliable equipment with minimal downtime, and compassionate, knowledgeable and helpful support for when you need it.

Why host your blog on a VPS platform

VPS hosting environments provide scalable web space that is easy to use and offers most of the advantages of a dedicated server but at a fraction of the cost. By hosting on a VPS platform, you can benefit from using dedicated resources that are scalable when you need to grow without committing in advance to a dedicated hosting contract. You have your own secure and separate hosting space that can grow with your needs.

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