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Web Hosting Security: Keeping Your Website Secure

web hosting securityWeb Hosting Security is just one more step of many you can take in order to try and keep your website safe and secure. Cyber attacks and security breaches are becoming a daily occurrence for many website owners. Even though your hosting service provider has layers of security, it is hard for it to keep you protected for every security breach. So here are a few additional layers of Web Hosting Security you can add to your site.

Protecting Your Passwords with Web Hosting Security

When creating your passwords there are a few things to consider in making sure they are protected. First and most important you should never use the same password for all of your accounts. If a breach happens and hackers acquire it, it can be used to access all of your sites, making all the information on them vulnerable and available for theft. The solution is to use different passwords for each of your sites. Additionally your passwords should be combinations of letters and numbers or symbols, with random order or sequence. They need to be changed on a regular basis, and no shorter than 12 characters.

Updating Your Software and Secure Data Transferring

Keeping your website less prone to bugs, crashes and other issues that could contribute in making your website more vulnerable to hackers can be accomplished by continuously checking for updates. Make sure to keep all of the software and tools that are being used by your website up to date. Also keep on the lookout for any recent bug fixes and patches available. It is important to maintain security for all of your files, those that are stored on the server, and especially those being transferred from your site to the server. The best way in doing so is to avoid using FTP (Files Transfer Protocol), as your files will not be encrypted, thus making them an easy target for hackers. Instead you should use SFTP, as a secure way of transfer that will encrypt your files, while they are being uploaded.

Taking appropriate steps to add more layers with Web Hosting Security is a good way of increasing your websites security, and lowering the possibility of being hacked. If you have any questions, or want to know more about Web Hosting Security, contact us at


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