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Who Rules the Control Panel World; cPanel VS Plesk

In the discussion over which control panel is superior to the other there are two names that come in mind, cPanel and Plesk. These are the oldest and most popular control panels in the world today. They also happen to be the most debated about. So, before you jump into any conclusions, here is a bit about both of them.

This control panel runs on Linux. Its GUI is very user friendly and works great for blog and website management. Other than that, it also works well for forums and is mainly used in shared web hosting.

This control panel is more advanced and has better functionality than cPanel. This is because it has more than one server doing particular tasks making it faster and more complex than cPanel.
So after this little explanation we can delve into the million dollar question, which control panel is more superior to the other? Well the only way to answer that would be to compare the benefits the users get by using either of the two.
Plesk has the ability to support more operating systems than cPanel. This is great for hosing companies since they can create a number of hosting packages both for Windows and Unix based hosting.
Secondly, Plesk has better cluster support since it can maintain several servers doing a particular task.
Plesk also integrates itself with services provided on Windows like the Microsoft SQL server. It also has better automation support like XML-RPC. This interface allows scripts like PHP to call functions all from a remotely located computer.
It Is Cheaper To Acquire Than Cpanel.
It is great at supporting multiple features. In fact it supports many different advanced control panel features that not even cPanel can support. Also, Plesk offers its users in built software called Site Builder.
This control panel has a very easy to use GUI. This makes it easier for starters to build their sites with little problems.
It is very easy to operate this control panel and it has a much shorter learning curve than its counterparts.
That said, in terms of ease of use cPanel is preferred. However when it comes to functionality and the wide range of features available to users, Plesk hosting is the superior of the two control panels.


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