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Plesk 12.5 Better Than its Predecessor?


With its predecessor Plesk 12 that gave us tool sets and features that everyone was looking for and setting the strong foundation for new Plesk 12.5 to rise. We will turn to see its new features, upgrades and much more it has to offer by giving you a clear view on the benefits of Plesk 12.5.

What Sets Plesk 12.5 Apart?

In 2014, when Plesk 12 was released it was a new standard when talking about hosting panels. With 4 different versions each focusing on particular components of the web market that resulted in different opportunities that were available for hosting providers. With the new Plesk 12.5 one thing amongst others that sets it apart from its predecessors are the new tool sets that were developed along with the community of web professionals that requested it and in the end voted for many of the features following this release. The new colour scheme of the interface brings a more intuitive feel with the layout standing unchanged. Along with the new Domain View and support for the latest PHP 7, it brings the option to run multiple PHP versions that you can manage within Plesk itself, to the table.

What are Some of the Features of Plesk 12.5?

With this feature you will no longer have to compile and modify your server via a command line, and is available for both Windows and Linux. With improved PHP, support administrators can now select a list of PHP models for use in any combination of PHP versions and their handlers, giving the customers the option to choose PHP versions and handlers for their own sites. This will also give you the ability to entirely manage your databases, check their connectivity, restore them, and repair irregularities in between Plesk, MySQL or Microsoft MySQL databases.

One more feature that you can benefit from in using this platform is incremental backup support. Now instead of doing a full backup with this new feature it will take both less disk space and less time. It will enable you to save disk space and reduce the load to your server. Other features worth mentioning are Cloudlinux 7 Support, Composer PHP Dependency Manager Support and Additional command line repair tools.

Putting its previous version behind, it comes in a whole new light. With more style and a set of new and improved features, makes it a strong dependable tool that will get the job done efficiently. So find out more by contacting us online at


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