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Why VPS Hosting is a cost effective solution for Small and Medium Businesses

As we’re sure you’ve gathered from our blog VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers. So a server or in effect a powerful computer connected to network that allows multiple users to access shared data simultaneously if needed the data is stored on the server and can be reached from anywhere in the network or through the internet.

But, running your own server even if it helps make your office more efficient, can be expensive to buy, manage, house and run. This is where the ability to virualise servers, or even VPS Cloud servers (VPS hosting running off of Cloud storage) can be very cost effective, especially if they are being run out of a data centre and being managed by a web hosting provider.
A quick recap: what is hosting? Web hosting is a service that provides customer or clients a use of a dedicated server, shared server or virtual server with a stable internet connection and access to the world wide web. VPS hosting is an especially popular form of hosting as it provides some of the best advantages of shared hosting, such as low price, and of dedicated servers, which are used by single client only and thus provide high level of service.
There are many VPS offerings including those with control panels such as Parallels Plesk that can be used to start and manage your server right away. VPS hosting offers can be roughly divided into managed hosting, unmanaged and unmetered hosting.
Managed hosting can be more expensive than other types of VPS, but it has some undeniable advantages, too. Highly skilled system administrators will be looking after your server 24/7 and solve the problems quickly. Your server will be connected to a high-speed Internet line with the capacity via the largest telecommunications companies, such as BT, AT&T, Verizon and a multitude of other Tier 1 service providers.

VPS Web Hosting Plans

With VPS hosting, you are able to host large web projects, online radio servers, video streaming, multiplayer games, or your very own personal server running your favorite operating system to do with as you wish. But as we are focusing this article on VPS hosting for small and medium businesses it is worth mentioning here that they can be use to run your work servers as if they were still in your office.


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