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Windows 10 vs. Windows 8: Which One is Better

windows 10

Windows 8 is a pretty good operating system on its own, but with Windows 10 recently being released, it is always better to see what system would benefit your online company.  In comparison to Windows 8; Windows 10 has been an upgrade that everyone has been waiting for. To see why Windows 10 is better than its predecessor, keep on reading.

Windows 10 Features and Down Falls

With Windows 10 having many features including a scrolling start menu, Cortana, snap assist, action centre, windows explorer improvements, new edge browser, multiple desktops and much more.  Having a combination of a very improved desktop experience, an intuitive integration of touchscreen features, better performance and a bigger range of new and improved apps, makes it a better choice over the Windows 8 operating system. The major disadvantages of upgrading your operating system are a privacy issue where windows 10 collects your data and sends it to Microsoft without a way to turn this off. With its rapid release there are many bugs that have not been worked out as well as the compatibility of other operating systems such as Windows XP and earlier modes have been removed with certain softwares and drivers that continue to have issues with this new system. Also, the option to control updates has been removed from all consumer versions.

Windows 8 Features and Down Falls

Windows 8 has many different features including a faster start-up, new apps, SkyDrive integration, better security and less intrusive updates, first class touch input with options to use mouse or keyboard, along with many others. Having a faster start-up and having all the benchmark performance tests run quicker is more beneficial to any business or customer. The downside to Windows 8 is the fact that the overlapping of Metro and Aero User interface and the switching between Metro applications and desktop applications is not user-friendly, which causes confusion for its developers and consumers. Another disadvantage is not being able to change any of the home screen tiles into icons, when various apps are downloaded which makes the screen look garbled. The alt-tab feature has been disabled which makes it very difficult to jump through screens, and switching between different programs and applications is not an easy task.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to both Windows 10 and Windows 8, but depending on what you are using the operating system for, can help you to decide which one is worth sticking with. In comparison of both systems, it seems that it might be better to upgrade to the newest version of Microsoft Windows instead of sticking with its predecessor. When it comes to deciding which operating system will help run your business effectively and proficiently, you will need to compare both systems and decide what disadvantages you or your business can live with or without.

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