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WordPress: Updating and Why You Need To Do It

WordPressWordPress is a platform and a content managing system that keeps growing continually. However it still has its own fair share of issues that developers are working on solving. Updates always come for additional features which are integrated in to the current version, therefore it is important to keep your WordPress updated and here are the reasons why you need to do it.

Updating WordPress Will Improve Your Website Security

Updating your WordPress to the current version is an important step in improving your websites overall security. With the number of cyber-attacks on the rise you must do all that you can to protect your data. If it is constantly up to date, embedding improved security features in to your website can be easily done.

Improved Website Speed

Along with new security features your website will benefit from, updating your CMS will improve and increase your websites speed. The latest version comes with JavaScript that will enhance the speed of navigation menu for your website.

Website Compatibility

In order to have a fully functional website, compatibility plays a key role. Thus ensuring your websites are updated to the latest version of WordPress will make them compatible with multiple browsers and different themes and plugins etc.

Minimising Website Bug Issues

WordPress being as secure as it is still faces issues with bugs. Having a bug issue will slow your website speed down and can lead to other problems. The problem of bugs is being resolved by developers with each update, therefore you must keep this platform up to date as it will greatly reduce any problems you might encounter.

Updating your WordPress regularly can only be beneficial for you and your website with updates providing you with better security, speed and functionality. Contact our experienced representatives for more information at 


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