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Advantages of Virtual Private Servers, or VPS

VPS (Virtual Private Servers), or commonly referred to as VPS hosting environments enables the partitioning of a high specification machine into ‘virtual’ servers. This is done by allowing multiple instances of an operating system or software to be run on the same physical server. Essentially there is one root operating system (hardware node) and using new software, in our case Virtuozzo, a Parallals product.

Using Virtuzzo, the same operating system can then be installed over the top (thus creating multiple virtual nodes). Each virtual node uses the same registry and system files to maximise efficiency and minimise memory and hard disk usage.

Each VPS, or VPS Hosting environment is completely independent of all the other VPS systems, and memory, disk space, and CPU processes can also be isolated for each Virtual Private Server. This gives you most of the benefits of a dedicated server at a far lower price, these benefits include:

  1. your own secure and separate VPS hosting environment
  2. full remote control and access of your VPS server or servers
  3. the ability to host as many sites on your ‘virtual server’ as you wish without additional charge
  4. the ability to install & configure whatever applications you wish on your VPS server
  5. enhanced control, including server reboots and backups
  6. use of high resilience servers that can be upgraded without any service interruption
  7. full anti-virus protection
  8. a Plesk control panel Interface
  9. a Virtuzzo power panel
  10. fully managed servers that include operating system updates, allowing you to focus on doing your work

With VPS hosting, you get your own secure hosting environment, complete with root access, and the ability to install and configure whatever you wish within your environment. Although there is more than one virtual server on each machine, there is no way for other users to see your VPS or even know that you are there. For those wishing to we also offer a fully functional Plesk interface for your VPS hosting.

Choose between our Linux VPS hosting, or Windows 2003 VPS Web Hosting.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting


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