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Public Cloud: Security Concerns Halt Growth

public cloud

The lack of advanced visibility, monitoring and infrastructure control of public cloud environments is continuing to worry IT professionals, according to a new study


The poll showed a whopping 82% of organisations questioned said they were unable to ensure optimum performance, health and availability of their public cloud workloads, according to the latest research from hybrid IT monitoring provider ScienceLogic.


Despite the increasing adoption of cloud services, the instability of public cloud services still posed a problem. Half of firms questioned in the study said they had experienced at least one complete outage in the past year. These security concerns with public cloud services are evident in recent studies that show businesses are increasingly moving to private and encrypted cloud services.


“As hybrid IT and multi cloud usage becomes mainstream for organisations, so does the need to simplify workload visibility and management for IT teams,” said Dave Link, ScienceLogic CEO. “Without this deep visibility of dependencies, organisations risk losing millions per year due to network outages that could have been prevented or shortened with the use of monitoring tools.”


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