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MariaDB or MySQL: What is a Better Fit ?

mariadbThere are plenty of databases that exist today, but how do you know which one is better and what would really make your business thrive online? Well we have narrowed it down to possibly the two best databases out there and they are MySQL and MariaDB. But what exactly are they and what can they provide your online business?

What are MariaDB and MySQL?

MySQL is known as a Relational Database Management System that uses a structured query language (SQL). It is most known for its reliability, quick processing, flexibility and easy to use feature and is an essential part of every PHP application available. It is the most popular language for adding, managing and accessing content in any database.

MariaDB is what you call a community developed fork for the MySQL relational database management system and best known for it being led by the original developers of MySQL. MariaDB is a completely free open source and is developed fully in the open with all development decisions made on a public mailing list in a public bug tracker.

Which Database is More Beneficial?

Considering that MySQL works on so many systems such as AIX, BSDi, FreeBSD, Microsoft Word, along with many others; it has a lot to offer with the many features this database provides. MariaDB on the other hand has its own perks from their development being open and vibrant to having more storage engines and more cutting edge features. To tell you the truth, the database that is more beneficial is really up to you and what you are looking for from an open source database.

In the end, these databases will help guide you through the right extensions and databases that you need to run your project on and knowing that both of these relational database management systems coincide with each other will easily make the deciding factor a simple one. Connect with us now and find out more at


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