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Controlling DNS Settings within Plesk

DNS or Domain Name System is a system for converting host names and domain names into an IP address on the Internet or on local networks that use the TCP/IP protocol. For example when a domain name is typed into a browser or behind the scenes from one application to another a DNS server would return the IP address of the server associated with that name. For example, would be converted into the IP address Without the DNS servers, you would have to physically type the four numbers and dots into your browser to retrieve the website.

Plesk allows you to manage your DNS settings allowing you to control all the DNS settings you have attached to your hosted domain name within your Plesk website hosting account.

Modifying the A Recordwebsites and sub domains
By modifying the ‘A’ or ‘Address’ record you are able to enter the IP address that you would like to have associated with that domain name.  In the example above A record has been modified to have an IP address of

Modifying the MX Recordemail
By altering the MX record you are able to direct the email element of your domain name to external email hosting services that might be run by you, or superior email hosted solutions that your hosting provider may have such as Merak or Microsoft exchange.

Creating sub domains hosted on other servers
By editing the A record, and creating new sub domains you are also able to setup sub domains that are pointing onto other shared hosting spaces or even servers. This feature is different from the Plesk sub domain feature that is built into Plesk which sets up the records but points them all back to the same server/ shared space that you are hosted on. An example would be which points to, a different IP address and server to the main site.
Finally you can also use the DNS settings feature of Plesk to setup a TXT or text DNS record as an SPF record that ensures email sent from your domain name can be verified by the free email services such as GMail, Hotmail or Yahoo.  This feature is especially useful for ecommerce sites that require easy interaction with all email addresses to sell their wares.


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