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Managing databases through Plesk

Plesk provides you the ability to create and host multiple databases across many different platforms. It further gives you the ability to create users for the databases you create to be accessible by the scripts that you have created within your web space. OK so far, bit of a mouth full 😉 but hold tight . . . .  Well finally it also gives you the ability to host many web applications in a number of dynamic server side scripting languages letting the applications you generate to easily interact with the databases that you have created within your Plesk hosting account!

What databases does Plesk support?
MySQL: Using Plesk you can create MYSQL accounts on both Windows and Linux/ UNIX platforms
MSSQL & PostgraSQL: These databases can also be used by purchasing the relevant Plesk plugins

Database Interfaces
Third party web based database control panels are built into Plesk allowing you to automatically administer a database over the internet from multiple locations. The most common database, MySQL, can be managed through PHPMyAdmin, whilst ASP.NET Enterprise Manager is supplied to view and manage any MSSQL databases.

In most cases you will be using a database along with a dynamic web page language within your website so that your site can both communicate with the database allowing it to pull data to be displayed as well as store the data within the database so that it can be easily accessed again.


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