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Data backup through Plesk

Backing up through Plesk

Backing up data is possible through the Plesk control panel. You are able to configure the backup settings for all the files you have on your Plesk hosting account.

Backup automated scheduling

Using Plesk you are able to either schedule an automated backup via FTP to an external FTP or backup server, your existing hosting space, or just create and download a manual backup that you simply store on your local PC for simple piece of mind for those unlikely times when you believe you’ve incorrectly configured something or have accidentally deleted your data.

Why should I backup, doesn’t my Web Hosting Provider do that?

Firstly, even though your web hosting provider might backup all your site’s data on a daily basis, it is always a good idea to backup your own data either by automation or manually to ensure your own piece of mind at the very least. Like insurance policies you only know if the backup is effective if it works when you need it!

Not all hosting providers backup

It is important to note that not all hosting providers backup, some hosting providers do not automatically backup your server, charge extra, or simply charge you to restore the backup especially if it is your fault – after all it does take time to find and restore, and as we all know time is money!

Reseller/ Shared Accounts

Some hosting providers may not even allow you to restore off of their backup tapes for shared and reseller hosting accounts as it might affect other domains or accounts hosted on the same server.

So why backup yourself?

At the end of the day the reasons for backup are many and varied it could be as simple as you doing something wrong, and you wish to correct it or as malicious as hackers targeting your site, getting through and deleting/ modifying your data. At the end of the data, it doesn’t take that long, and it is a worthwhile tool for ease of mind!

So backup, backup often, automate your backup protocols using Plesk’s FTP backup if you have access to an external backup/ FTP server over FTP. If you don’t then remember to regularly — whenever you have a major change to your site — access your site and backup the data onto your PC.


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