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Purchasing the best dedicated hosting plans for your needs – a five part series.

What is a dedicated server? How does it work?

A dedicated web hosting server or dedicated hosting service is a hosting plan where the client leases an entire server that is for their exclusive use.  This is a far more flexible arrangement then a shared hosting or a VPS hosting platform where you have total control over your server or servers from what operating system, hardware, or specific software that is setup or running on your server.  Thus a dedicated server it is much like having your own server except that you dont need a large initial investment to set it up but rather are renting the server from your hosting provider.

Managed and Unmanaged dedicated hosting

Dedicated web hosting comes in two forms managed and unmanaged.  Generally speaking unmanaged hosting plans include providing you with just the hardware (as in the web server), an operating systems (either Linux or windows), and your internet connections.   Managed dedicated hosting plans however include all the above and pretty much everything else so that the only thing you need worry about is your website and it’s content.

Your very own ungarnished resources and disk space

Ah the ultimate in luxury!  Your very own dedicated web server that allows you to run your web sites without sharing space and resources and without the need of superfluous software that your website does not need garnishing resources and disk space!  Ah the bliss of not having to reprogram your website to fit the server.  Thus if cost is not the only determinant then having your own web server is always the ultimate in hosting experience!

So if you a growing website, and quality, reliability and performance are the most important criteria.  Then it is worth thinking about a managed or unmanaged dedicated hosting platform for your site.  Over the following weeks we will be covering whether to choose a managed or unmanaged hosting platform, what to look for in the hardware and connections, what to look for in your bandwidth connectivity and finally how to choose a dedicated web hosting provider.

Managed or unmanaged hosting hosting


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