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Dedicated Hosting: What hardware kit do you need?

Managed or unmanaged hosting

Server Hardware Kit; what you need and why?

Now you’ve decided on having your own dedicated server what are the things you should look for? Well, as with picking your operating system or what software your site uses, your hardware choice should be based on what your web site’s current and future needs are, and how quickly you’d thing you’d get there.

What processor type should you choose?

First and foremost we recommend the Intel processors for servers these emit less heat, and as power is becoming more and more expensive will prove to be both greener, and cheaper for you in the longer term. The more crunching your site needs to do, the higher it traffic load, and the more server side scripting then the more processing power you would need. For most sites, the lower processor speed of 2 GHz are more than adequate especially with the newer Quad Core Xeons.

How much memory would I need?

We recommend using a minimum of 1024 MB (1 gigabyte) of memory for hosting your pages in a reasonable time, again if your website makes heavy use of server side programming languages such as CGI, PHP, ASP, or .NET then we highly recommend 2GB or even more if you site has a very high traffic load.

What kind of hard disks should I install?

Well, your choice lies between SAS and SATA disk drives which have replaced the previous IDE and SCSi disk drives. The SAS drive is exceedingly robust (built with far higher fault tolerance), uses little or no processor power, and has the highest disk read/ write speeds, but the cost can be prohibitive; these are best used for websites that require constant and high end disk i/o and/ or are constantly and heavily accessing databases. SATA hard drives tend to be less robust, but are far cheaper with far more disk space (an entry level SATA is 1/3 of the price of the SAS twice the disk size and less than half the read/ write RPM). When factoring in the size of storage that you might need it is best to remember that unlike shared or VPS hosting plans the hosting space needs to include space for the software you are running. Under a shared hosting or VPS package although you are using only a fraction of that space and still have space left over under the shared and VPS environments the software space is owned by the web host and not added towards your hosting plan.


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