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Migrating from Konqueror to Firefox

Konqueror has been my web browser of choice for many years now. I still think the font rendering looks amazing, the web shortcut features are brilliant, I can customise the tab behaviour to behave exactly as I want it to and of course it’s seamlessly integrated with KDE.

Things have had to change though and I could no longer convince myself that for all its excellent features it simply fails to correctly render the web pages I use all the time – Yahoo! Mail and enterprise web gui’s for work. Not to mention the poor stability which seems to have been introduced since KDE4.

Reluctantly, but with conviction, I decided the switch to Firefox3 was upon me.  The main question was now I have forced my hand into using Firefox, can It replace all those features I love in Konqueror?


Webshortcuts is one of my favourite features ever. Luckily after some quick googling, Firefox supports it too, it’s just called “Keywords” instead.

Here’s an example of adding a uk google search a.k.a. web shortcuts

  • Goto Google
  • Right click on the search field and select “Add a Keyword for this Search”
  • Give it a name, e.g. Google UK
  • For the keyword use the shortcut name you would use in Konqueror e.g. “gg:”
  • Click add

Tab Navigation

CTL + Page Up / Down – Navigates the tabs from left to right.

Once I had these two features sorted out I was pretty content with most of my day-to-day browser usage. There are however some things I really miss though and don’t see being sorted out in the near future, a list of these follows.

  • Kwallet Integration – I really miss this and for some reason I just don’t trust my passwords in the Firefox password manager. Surely someone could write a plugin for this?
  • KIO Slaves – OK so its not really fair to expect this from a non KDE application but this is sooooooo handy.
  • Filemanager and “download manager” – Rubbish. Just give me a decent file dialogue instead, the GTK one sucks!
  • GTK – It looks horrid side-by-side with QT/KDE
  • Security Exceptions – Do me a favour! I know that the certificate is self signed by us, why should it take so many mouse clicks to “Add an exception”
  • “Get me out of here” button – Please, unless you are going to take me to a tropical island, i dont think this really has a place.

In conclusion then, it has to be said for the all things I love about Konqueror, the fact I can go to any website in Firefox and it will just work, really is the feature that wins the day. So-long Konqueror, you rock; just with not enough stability.


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