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Disaster Recovery and Online Storage

disaster recovery

Owning a small business rather than a big one will certainly come with its fair share of challenges, one of them likely to be your budget. For that, Online Storage and Disaster Recovery services are more than an inviting solution, as it reduces the need for IT infrastructure and resources resulting in a notable cost reduction.

Steps You Can Take to Make Your Data More Secure

There are many sorts of online storage providers offering different arrays of services. Still it would be wise to test the service and their recovery capabilities before entrusting your data to a certain provider. Another thing you might need to do to increase the security of your data, is encrypting it before it is transferred to a storage cloud.

Disaster Recovery Blueprint and Options Within Online Storage

The individual need of each business requires a unique blueprint for a disaster recovery plan. You must recognize the most critical apps and data, as well as what is a sustainable amount of downtime before your business takes a toll. Prioritizing your apps, data, and RTOs (recovery time objectives) will give you the best disaster recovery approach and cost efficient way to achieve it.

Managed and managed Disaster Recovery is an option where your primary resources and disaster recovery methods are put into the cloud and are handed off to a managed service provider.

Backup and restore from the cloud is an option that allows you to keep your apps and your data on site. Your data is being backed up on a cloud, and if a disaster were to occur, it gets restored on to onsite hardware.

Backup and restore to the cloud; is where your data will not be restored within your own hardware, but will be restored on to virtual machines within the cloud.

Replication to virtual machines in the cloud is the way to go if your apps need more of a forceful recovery time. It can also be used for protecting your production and onsite hardware.

Online storage and recovery options can help cut costs and improve your budget. Now you can use the technology that was previously only obtainable by larger corporations. Still you must have an efficient Disaster Recovery plan that you must test on occasions and keep your staff trained and ready to face any problems you might encounter.

When deciding on the right recovery and backup solution, it is always best to speak to a representative who can provide you with more information. So please feel free to contact us online at


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