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WordPress: Integration into Plesk 12.5


When having multiple clients and sites, it takes a great deal of time and energy to manage them through various programs. Well what if there is a place where you could do everything you need without having to jump from program to program? Well now there is, with Plesk 12.5’s, WordPress integration. With its easy to use interface and the great amount of plugins to assist you with the management of each and every site. When wanting a way to be able to save time while being efficient Plesk 12.5 WordPress integration is the way to go.

Having Multiple Installations within Plesk 12.5 WordPress Integration Interface

Providing that you want to install more applications in this one interface, is just the same as the first initial installation. Once you complete this, you will have a list of multiple sites where you are able to specifically click on and address that specific site with the ability to change themes, plugins and security for all of them with just one click.  With Plesk 12.5 WordPress integration you will be able to change as many things as you want for all or specific sites and be able to schedule it to regularly occur with no effort on your part. With an interface like this, running multiple sites will make your job much easier and provide your clients with the services they deserve.

Managing Themes and Plugins

Every programme out there comes with its own pre-installed themes and plugins, but with WordPress, all it takes to enable them is just by choosing it from a list and activating it. Doing this in Plesk is no different other than it being more compact. All that needs to be done is clicking the themes and plugins from the dashboard and choosing to activate, install, or delete the installed themes and plugins of your WordPress installations. Same goes for plugins, where in this case all you have to do is check or uncheck a box in the dashboard popup list. Thankfully the themes and plugins are in the same place which makes it easy to manoeuvre around Plesk.

Managing Security

Security plays an important factor when it comes to integration of any programmes, whether they are hosting servers, CMS, web hosting or cloud hosting. You always want to protect your assets and that is why security in Plesk 12.5 and WordPress is made easy to handle with just one click. You will find that after integrating these two programmes that moving around the programme has become much more simple and now you will find your security options right on the dashboard. To change any of these all you need to do is check or uncheck the boxes right next to them and Plesk will do the rest.

Many might argue that this integration is not needed but by integrating the WordPress interface into the Plesk administration panel will give you the simplicity and efficiency that you need to be able to run multiple applications without having to switch context. Now you will be able to save time and energy by being able to administer multiple sites with only one tool, by having the best of both worlds and an easy way to make you more efficient with your clients’ sites.


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