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Editing Crontab in Plesk

What is Plesk Crontab?

Crontab allows you to automatically run scheduled tasks on your server with the possibility of receiving emails showing the results.

How do you go about setting up Crontab

Well, once you are logged onto Plesk, and have clicked onto the domain whose Crontab settings you wish to edit, click on crontab.

Within Crontab, you will notice a list of system users within the preferences section, select the name of the user for whom you wish to manage the crontab settings, and have, should you choose edit the email settings and have the crontab messages sent to the specified email address.

Now click on the schedule task/ add new task icon and enter the specific parameters to set the frequency of the task or enter * (star) to select all;

Minute: 0 to 59
Hour: 0 to 23
Day of the month 1 to 31
Month of the month 1 to 12
Day of the week 0 to 6 (0 being Sunday)

Again, remember the * entry on the parameter selects all the entries (e.g. all the days)

Finally enter the path to the file that will execute Crontab within the command line and click OK.

You have now successfully set up a new crontab, you may always return here to setup a new crontab or modify or delete an existing one.


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